Did you know that you can perform Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) experiments with your ECP 10 USB Patch Clamp Amplifier or your Potentiostat of the PG Family?

FSCV with potential program in red and resulting current response in blue.

FSCV is used for detecting neurotransmitters, hormones or metabolites in live biological systems. A carbon fiber microelectrode is brought into close proximity to the site under investigation and a potential program is applied. It consists of a rapid triangular potential ramp of 400 V/s to detect the analyte by oxidation or reduction and a wait time at a holding potential between ramps to pre-concentrate the analyte at the microelectrode. The temporal resolution of FSCV is in the range of 100 ms and it has a high selectivity and sensitivity (10 nm LOD dopamine).

FSCV can be combined with other techniques such as fluorescence imaging or patch clamp.

PATCHMASTER and POTMASTER have new features for FSCV with

  • automatic peak detection,
  • automatic background subtraction,
  • synchronized triggers for external stimulus generators.

The potential program can be freely designed in the Pulse Generator File.

Learn more on our FSCV method page.

Contact us if you want to perform FSCV experiments and we will provide you with a FSCV configuration for PATCHMASTER or POTMASTER.

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