ElProScan 45degree optic SECM

Visualize your Microelectrode Tip

This greatly facilitates the prepositioning of the microelectrode to the surface while also offering the option of collecting images of the magnified section of the sample under investigation.

The product includes the 45° optics with a CMOS color camera and the software DocuLUX.

The camera can be triggered by Potmaster and Patchmaster.

Standard 4x objective; other objectives are possible.

Order Numbers:

  • 45° Oblique Imaging System (895079)
  • 45° Oblique Imaging System for Piezo Cube (895131)

This video shows the manual positioning of a microelectrode on a patterned surface. The camera is attached to the z axis in order to keep the microelectrode in focus during the approach for the safest positioning possible.