HEKA ChartMaster Software

Data Acquisition and Control Software

The CHARTMASTER software was designed with the main objective to streamline data collection, presentation and analysis during and after an experiment.

CHARTMASTER provides all of the necessary software tools that make experimental design and analysis more flexible.

With CHARTMASTER’s high degree of automation, experimental protocols are now possible that were unattainable with other commercial software products.

CHARTMASTER’s versatile design allows it to be used for any general purpose data acquisition need.

Pulse Generator

The heart of the CHARTMASTER software is the Pulse Generator. The Pulse Generator defines all of the parameters for data acquisition, waveform generation and external device control. A Pulse Generator file is comprised of any number of predefined sequences.

Protocol Editor

The CHARTMASTER protocol editor is a powerful feature in which complex experimental procedures can be designed, stored, and executed. This tool greatly increases the versatility of CHARTMASTER that will be appreciated by researchers asking for complex, precisely timed experimental protocols.

The principal idea of the protocol editor is to generate a list of events or tasks which can be executed automatically. Various functions such as REPEAT Loops, input queries, or conditional statements allow the generation of complex interactive processes. In addition, the high degree of automation possibilities increases efficiency, minimizes experimental errors and is thus highly suited for both industrial and research applications.

Online Analysis

The CHARTMASTER software provides an arbitrary number of analyses that can be performed on newly acquired or stored data. Directly analyzed or derivative data obtained by application of mathematical functions on the analysis results can be displayed as several graphs placed in two independent analysis windows.

This allows separation of different data types, for example, current-voltage plots can be shown separately from time lapse data (e.g. chart recording).

Input/Output Control

The I/O Control window allows direct access to the hardware interface. The status of digital and analog input channels is monitored. Digital and analog output signals can be set. In addition, defined input parameters are also displayed.

Analysis templates can be predefined and stored. Thus, several analysis procedures can easily be switched between and applied to incoming data types without extra editing. A direct link between Pulse Generator sequences and analysis procedures provides definition of data acquisition and analysis prior to the experiment.


  • Sixteen channel high-speed data acquisition with individual data compression factors
  • Digital storage oscilloscope display of all acquired channels as well as virtual traces generated by online mathematical processing
  • Sixteen channel complex waveform generation with independent timing and pulse patterns
  • Ten Pulse Generator global parameters quickly alter the duration and / or amplitude of pulse segments
  • Control of external devices via digital triggers or serial communication protocols
  • Powerful online analysis derived from any arbitrary number of functions and methods
  • Macro recording / playback features and the Protocol Editor allow full experimental automation to be easily accomplished
  • Data tree editor for fast review of acquired data
  • Software Lock-In Amplifier
  • Photometry module to control light sources and analysis of fluorescence measurements
  • Batch Control for external control of CHARTMASTER from another software application
  • Suitable for research and industrial applications
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and on Mac OS X > 10.6 (requires a free USB port for the dongle)

All software updates for our CHARTMASTER software are free of charge.

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