The image shows a complete setup of our flagship ELP 3 system.

Your Versatile Scanning Platform for SECM and Extended Techniques

The HEKA ElProScan is a high-resolution Electrochemical Probe Scanner which can be used for Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) and many related techniqes, such as SPECM, SICM, SMCM and SECCM. The manyfold possibilities to integrate external devices make HEKA’s ElProScan much more than a traditional SECM.

The three versions of different high-resolution ElProScan systems differ with respect to the positioning system and required usage by the customer. Due to the fact that these systems can be purchased individually, there is room for customization of systems to suit your individual requirements. Please contact HEKA directly.

The ElProScan system provides many unique features:

  • Closed-loop control for all axis (X,Y,Z) and the Z-Piezo
  • Easy to use automatic calibration of the positioning system and the bipotentiostat
  • Low noise recording of very low currents below 1 pA
  • Integrated real-time computer system for real constant velocity scans and real-time slope compensation
  • Real-time controlled constant distance scan with fully integrated shear-force unit
  • 3D-Matrix scan with freely programmed electrochemical techniques
  • Template scan over defined planar structures

The ElProScan comes in different models optimized for different applications:

ELP 1 on a test stand

ELP 2 on a microscope

ELP 3 with integrated optics for biological research

ELP 3 SPECM-FL with integrated optics for photoelectrochemical research