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Many application require a custom tailored experimental approach or user interface. The HEKA software packages provide different means for tuning the system.

Automation and Standardization

The HEKA programs PATCHMASTER, POTMASTER, CHARTMASTER and FITMASTER provide a Protocol Editor which allows the design of more complex experimental work flows. The Protocol Editor also allows to include conditional statements in order to react upon online calculated analysis results or user input. The Protocol Editor is the central engine which controls the interplay between patch clamp amplifier (potentiostat), stimulation and acquisition, online analysis and user interaction.

User Interface

All buttons in the HEKA programs provide a so-called “icon configuration” which can be used to control e.g. position, size, color or the icon. Individual icons, in addition, can be hidden. The customized window configuration can then be saves as dialog file and serves as new user interface at the next start-up of the program.

Batch communication

All HEKA programs of the “Master” family include the so-called “batch communication” interface which allows to control the software from another application. This interface is widely used to customize an experimental workflow to a larger extend than it is possible with the protocol editor. The HEKA software then serves as kind of engine running in the background. The advantage is that the user does not have to worry about many standard operations which are provided by the HEKA software but has full freedom to create his own application on top of the HEKA program.


For customers requiring even a larger freedom for writing their own application than described above, HEKA provides a dynamic link library which gives direct access to HEKA patch clamp amplifiers and data acquisition interfaces. The DLL can be used with most programming languages, such as C, Pascal, Delphi, and Visual Basic. The DLL provides functions for controlling all amplifier settings and for stimulation and data acquisition.

Discover EPC/PG DLL:

  • Write you own custom tailored software
  • Easy support of various HEKA hardware

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