Spatially-resolved imaging of micro-EIS at 5 kHz.

External EIS Module for Micro-EIS Matrix Mapping

The external EIS module supports electrochemical impedance measurements for both macro-sized and micron-scale substrates. EIS mapping in 2D line scan, 3D Matrix scan (protocol-controlled) can be performed. A frequency spectrum scan at fixed local positions is available with results displayed in Bode and Nyquist plots. Micro-EIS Matrix Mapping, with micron and sub-micron spatial resolution, are implemented in SECCM mode, which is capable of imaging surface’s local impedance and topography height simultaneously. The EIS module includes the main External EIS Unit, HEKA’s SECCM-EIS working electrodes for micro-EIS measurements, as well as a Model Cell and all connection cables to be used within an ElProScan system. 

Main Specifications for EIS Module:

EIS Frequency Range10 µHz – 5 MHz          NEW for 2020
Frequency Accuracy and Resolution<0.0025%, 10000 steps/decade
Controlled CurrentUp to ± 2.0A
Compliance Voltage± 14 V
Controlled VoltageUp to ± 12 V
AC amplitude0 to 1 V
Operating ModePOT / GAL / OCP / ZRA (with Floating and Grounded modes)

The detailed product brochure of External EIS Module is coming soon – please stay tuned!