HEKA Microelectrode Holder SECM
Connects your Microelectrode to the Headstage

Order Number Microelectrode Holder 2.0 mm OD: 895302

HEKA’s new microelectrode holder, made of extremely low noise polycarbonate, offers a very low noise contact for microelectrodes, eliminates electrode movement by a special holder cap and seals the contact from liquid or evaporating solvents.

The microelectrode holder is equipped with a SMA-type connector to fit the S-Probe Headstages. Alternatively, you can use a BNC-to-SMA adapter to connect it to your Red Star Headstage.

The microelectrode holder accepts microelectrodes with a male LS1-S plug and is available with outer diameters of 2.0 mm.

The Microelectrode Holder (SMA-Type) is available with an outer diameter of 2.0 mm. It connects with all microelectrodes provide by HEKA.

Outer Diameters:

  • 52 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm (Length x Width x Height)

Spare Parts for the Microelectrode Holder:

Replacement Cap Set containing: 1x Screw Cap, 1x Distance Sleeve, 2x O-rings. Order Number (2.0 mm OD): 895100.

Gold thread with a gold pin to connect the silver wire. The gold pin accepts 1 mm electrode pins. Order Number: 895324

Back end sealing O-ring for air tight seal between microelectrode holder and electrode connector pin (pack of 10).

Order Number: 895232

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O-rings for the Screw Cap (pack of 10). Order Number (2.0 mm OD): 895101

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Ground Connector Pin to connect the bath electrode to the GND connector of the headstage. Order Number: 895104

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