HEKA Pipette holder SICM
Connects your Micropipette to the Headstage

HEKA’s pipette holder are made of extremely low-noise polycarbonate, offers two major improvements that virtually eliminate pipette movement and air leakage by elongation of the holder’s cap and addition of a third O-ring.

The longer cap allows for the insertion of a small polycarbonate cylinder, keeping the first O-ring firmly in place, even after removal of the cap for cleaning purposes.

The second O-ring is nestled at the other end of the short cylinder featuring a precision mill cut that holds it in place.

The design provides the highest pipette stability, eliminates air leaks, and extends the life time of O-rings. Most importantly, this holder will increase the rate of successful recordings and increase productivity.

The Micropipette Holder (SMA-Type) is available with outer diameter of 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 1.7 and 2.0 mm.

Outer Diameters:

  • 56 mm x 10 mm/16 mm x 10 mm (Length x Width/Width+Port x Heigth)

Order Numbers for Micropipette Holders:

  • 1.0 mm OD: 895148
  • 1.3 mm OD: 895149
  • 1.5 mm OD: 895150
  • 1.7 mm OD: 895151
  • 2.0 mm OD: 895152

Spare Parts valid for all type of Pipette Holders:

Replacement Cap Set containing: 1x Screw Cap, 1x Distance Sleeve, 2x O-rings.

Order Numbers:

  • 1.0 mm OD: 895016
  • 1.3 mm OD: 895097
  • 1.5 mm OD: 895098
  • 1.7 mm OD: 895099
  • 2.0 mm OD: 895100

Gold Thread with gold pin to connect the silver wire. There is a clip inside the gold pin which can hold silver wires in the diameter of >0.6 to 0.8 mm without soldering. Order Number: 895146

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Back end sealing O-ring for air tight seal between pipette holder and electrode connector pin (pack of 10). Order Number: 895232

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O-rings for the Screw Cap (pack of 10).

Order Numbers:

Ground Connector Pin to connect the bath electrode to the GND connector of the headstage. Order Number: 895104