HEKA PG 611 USB Potentiostat

The Ultrapotentiostat

Order Number: 895328

Software-controlled Ultrapotentiostat/Galvanostat with built-in 16-bit data acquisition interface for low current – low noise recordings. It is equipped with a low-weight External Preamplifier offering 12 V compliance voltage, maximum current of 2 µA, and a maximum current resolution of 0.15 fA in the ±5 pA range.

Ready to be connected to a PC or Macintosh computer via USB 2.0. In addition, data acquisition software POTMASTER needs to be ordered separately.

Amplifier Boards1
Current Ranges±5 pA to ±2 µA
Current Resolution0.15 fA in 5 pA Range
Compliance Voltage±12 V
Scan Potential / Voltage Ranges

±5 V (500 pA – 2 µA)

±1 V (5 pA – 2 µA)

Max. Voltage Resolution30 µV
Bandwidth Limiter15 Hz – 100 kHz
Stimulus Filter10 / 100 kHz
Output Filter15 Hz – 100 kHz
DA/AD Resolution16-bit @ 200 kHz
DA Output Channels3
AD Input Channels5
Trigger Output Channels3
Trigger Input Channels1
Digital Input Channels16
Digital Output Channels16
Working ModesOpen Circuit Potential, Potentiostatic, Galvanostatic, 2/3 Electrode Mode
Input Impedance (Reference Electrode)>100 GΩ

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