HEKA PG 690 USB potentiostat

High Compliance Potentiostat

Software-controlled single channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat with built-in 16-bit data acquisition interface. It has a Compliance Voltage of 90 V and 10 available current ranges (100 mA – 20 nA, max current resolution 0.61 pA), supporting typical electrochemical cell configurations in 3/4-electrode mode.

Ready to be connected to a PC or Macintosh computer via USB 2.0. In addition, data acquisition software POTMASTER needs to be ordered separately.

Main Characteristics

  • Voltage Range: ±90 V Compliance / ±10 V Scan Potential
  • Current Ranges: ±20 nA to ±100 mA (10 ranges available)
  • Max. Current Resolution: 0.61 pA in 20 nA range
  • Potential Resolution (applied and measured): 610 nV
  • DA / AD Resolution: 16-bit at 200 kHz, 5 µs shortest sample interval
  • Working Mode: Open Circuit Potential, Potentiostatic and Galvanostatic (each available in 2/3/4-Electrode Mode)
  • Input Impedance (Reference Electrode): > 100 GΩ // 1.5 pF

DA / AD Convertors

  • Analog Output Channels: Cell Voltage & Cell Current and 3 free D/A Outputs
  • Analog Input Channels: 5 free A/D Inputs
  • Digital I/O: 16 Digital In- and Output Channels are provided on a 40-pin connector on rear panel
  • Trigger In: 1 of the Digital Inputs (provided via BNC on the front panel) as Trigger Input
  • Trigger Out: 3 of the Digital Outputs (provided via BNC on the front panel) as Trigger Output
  • Master / Slave Sync: CAT5 connectors for synchronization of a second data acquisition interface system


  • Included Accessories: 1 Manual, Electrode Cables BNC to Banana plug (1 m), 1 shielded USB 2.0 Cable (3 m), 1 Power Cord (2 m)
  • Potentiostat / Galvanostat Control: POTMASTER software (has to be ordered separately) is required for data acquisition, experimental control and analysis
  • Dimensions Main Unit: 31.1 (D) x 48.3 (W) x 18.0 (H) cm
  • Ground Lines: Chassis and Signal Ground are connected via a 10 Ω  resistor. Floating Mode is available.

Order Number: 895327