Theta pipette holder for SECM and SECCM

Two Spheres of Action

Three-port pipette holder for theta glass. The two electrical ports have male SMA connectors. A 1.5 mm (OD) steel tube allows to connect a pipette pressure control system.

  • Made of low-noise polycarbonate
  • 40° side-port to connect S-Probe
  • Low-weight remote pre-amplifier connection possible
  • 2x Teflon-coated silver wires included


  • 51 x 29 x 10 mm (length x hight x width)

Order Numbers:

  • Theta-Pipette Holder 1.2 mm OD: 895296
  • Theta-Pipette Holder 1.5 mm OD: 895297
  • Theta-Pipette Holder 2.0 mm OD: 895298