SECM using Piezomotors

Nanopositioning Systems - High Resolution & High Scan Speed

An xy piezo stage can be added to the regular ElProScan stage to increase the scan resolution from 10 nm to about 1.5 nm. The piezo elements with a settling time of less than 50 ms allow much faster scanning than with a stepper motor stage for high-speed mapping of surfaces. Different stage inserts are available. Instead of a xy piezo stage, an xyz piezo cube can be used.

Scan Resolution: 1.5 nm

Travel range: 100 x 100 µm (200 x 200 µm, 300 x 300 µm)

Settling time: < 50 ms

The positioning system contains the controller PSC 1.

Order Number:

  • Piezo Stage XY (895207)

Order Number:

  • Stage Insert LT 2 35 mm Petri Dish  (895208)
  • Stage Insert LT 2 35 mm Petri Dish re-entrant (895209)