Nanopositioning System

An xy piezo stage can be added to the regular ElProScan stage to increase the scan resolution from 10 nm to about 1.5 nm. The piezo elements with a settling time of less than 50 ms allow much faster scanning than with a stepper motor stage for high-speed mapping of surfaces. Different stage inserts are available. Instead of a xy piezo stage, an xyz piezo cube can be used.

Scan Resolution: 1.5 nm

Travel range: 100 x 100 µm (200 x 200 µm, 300 x 300 µm)

Settling time: < 50 ms

The positioning system contains the controller PSC 1.

Order Number:

  • Piezo Stage XY (895207)

Order Number:

  • Stage Insert LT 2 35 mm Petri Dish  (895208)
  • Stage Insert LT 2 35 mm Petri Dish re-entrant (895209)